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Apr. 15th, 2009


Not Another Procedure

The procedure that had been scheduled for Aaron this morning has been canceled. The results of his CAT scan yesterday gave the doctors a more detailed view of his arterial system and they decided that the surgery was an unnecessary risk. He is now starting a medication-based treatment plan.

This does mean that Aaron will be in the hospital a few days longer. Then he will need to stay in the Dallas area for at least a week after he is released, until a follow-up appointment.

Today Aaron is feeling stronger. The physical therapists walked him all the way down the hall this morning and promised they would be back later for more.


Medical Donation Account Opened

Many of you have been asking what you can do to help beyond sending cards or donating blood.  As you can surmise, the medical expenses for this will be tremendous.  Today we were able to get a donation account set up to help Aaron with the medical bills.  We are working out several options for those that are able to help.   This account will only be used for Aaron's medical bills.  This may include hospital and doctors bills, rehabilitation therapy, prescribed treatments and medications.
  • You can make a check out whenever you wish to: Aaron Allston Donation Fund and mail it to his post office box.  Please do not make checks out to Aaron directly.   Checks made to the fund will not affect Aaron's income. 
Aaron Allston
Attn: AADF
PO Box 564
                              Round Rock, TX 78680-0564
  • In about a week Wells Fargo should have all the paperwork entered into their system.  At that point if you wish, you should be able to go to any Wells Fargo location and tell them that you wish to make a deposit to the Aaron Allston Donation Fund that was started in Texas and they should be able to look the account information up and process it.
  • We are still in the process of getting a pay pal account set up and will let you know when that is available.  

Apr. 13th, 2009


Another proceedure

It's been a very busy week again with the Austin folks trying to coordinate things to keep a presence with Aaron.  We do appologize for the lack of updates and hope that each of you has had a very nice Easter.

 Aaron has been making pretty good progress with a few hiccups along the way.  The doctors continue their testing and monitoring.  The therapists continue their workouts and assessments.  And we continue to try to keep the communication and support for Aaron and his family, friends, and fans.

  Some of the testing the doctors have done indicate that there was also some obstruction in Aaron's carotid artery.  The doctors decided that rather than releasing him with that known issue they want to go ahead and take care of it prior to his release.  So Wednesday, (4/15/09) they will be doing another proceedure on Aaron.

  All your thoughts and prayers are most appreciated!



Apr. 11th, 2009

Happy Willow


Eating the drinks

Sorry it's been so long since the last update folks. We've been running around over here.

Aaron is getting up and walking several times a day now. The PT people are keeping after him, and everyone appreciates it. He has been on the phone a bit, and delivering puns long distance. He also keeps asking for his computer.

The best thing for me, is to see or talk to him after he has just eaten. He REALLY likes his liquids these days. He chews the ice when he has finished his drink, and is in love with the last thing he had. This is wonderful. It's just made better when he talks about having the best milk he had ever had. How it was so good he was eating it. He doesn't like milk? Or at least he didn't used to. We'll see how he feels about it after he has a full choice of things to drink on his own.

He is very appreciate of all the good thoughts, prayers, and vibes that you all are sending. Keep it up people!

Apr. 9th, 2009


Escape from the ICU

At around dinner time Wednesday evening Aaron was finally moved out of the ICU to a room in the PCU (Progressive Care Unit). His nurse, the snarky one, told me that he is officially no longer in critical condition. I asked her whether that meant that his condition had been upgraded from critical to merely sarcastic...

This is going to be a long and difficult recovery, but Aaron is improving steadily.

Apr. 8th, 2009




Just got off the phone with Bob. Aaron got up and walked a little today. He is feeling well enough to be making bad puns. Since the force is in balance, his nurse is one of the snarky ones. She has been picking on him mercilessly. So we know he is being treated in a matter that he is already accustomed to.

Apr. 6th, 2009


ICU Visit

I got to see Aaron briefly this afternoon. It was awfully good to hear his voice!

Aaron said he felt "weak as a kitten", and he looked it, but he was very much himself. We had a quiet conversation, along with our usual humor, while he slowly ate some yogurt and drank iced tea.

Just a few minutes of visiting wore him out, but he seems to be stable and improving.


A phone call from Aaron

I just got off the phone with Aaron.  You are reading correctly here.  :-)

  He asked me to please tell everyone, "Thank you for standing by me."  He also wished that he could come up with something more witty...

I told him that hearing his voice was very very good for my heart.  

  I think it's a double smiley day  :-)



Blood Drive Info

If you are willing and able to donate blood, here's an update. This helps on two levels. First is humanitarian, blood is always needed. Second, this can offset the units used.

This is easiest in the Dallas area, where you can go to any location of Carter BloodCare.   Say that you are donating blood for Aaron Allston, and give his sponsor number: SPON 047786.

For those outside of Carter's area, see the National Blood Exchange for locations. When you donate, check to see if they do doner credits.  If so, say that you are donating blood for Aaron Allston, patient of Carter Blood Care in Bedford, TX, and give his sponsor number: SPON 047786.  They may give you a coupon to return.  If so, send to Aaron Allston, attention Luray-Blood Drive
PO Box 564
Round Rock, TX 78680-0564 
If they do not do credits, please consider donating anyhow!! 

Apr. 5th, 2009


Events timeline

Here is the essential timeline of how things developed.

Tuesday, March 24
Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Outcast releases.
Aaron takes an early flight out of Austin to Kentucky for the opening stop of his signing tour for Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Outcast
Aaron calls me around 3pm to let me know he's there.

Wednesday, March 25
Aaron takes another early flight, this time to Chicago for the second stop. This day he has a radio interview in addition to his signing schedule. He called me a bit before his interview to let me know things were going well and that his evening was going to be pretty full and fun. He anticipated being pretty tired the next morning when he would have to get up to get to the airport.

Thursday, March 26
Aaron is scheduled to fly to Kansas City Missouri. Aaron's flight is early enough that he has to be up by 6am to get to the airport through Chicago traffic to catch it. He calls me in the morning while he's waiting to board and tells me that he had a wonderful time and things are going great but he's "running on fumes" he's so tired. I asked him if he would be able to get some rest after he landed. Aaron chuckled a bit and said that he might be able to get a couple of hours there and he would try to get a bit on the plane but that he would be going to stores to sign stock when he got in.

Friday, March 27
The schedule has Aaron flying to Seattle, Washington. I don't hear from Aaron.
Later I find out that he started feeling poorly Thursday and pretty much chalked it up to exhaustion. He cancels his flight to Seattle hoping a days rest will get him feeling better.

Saturday, March 28
The schedule has Aaron flying to Sacramento, California. I don't hear from Aaron.
Later he tells me that he was still feeling poorly and decided to take another day of rest.

Sunday, March 29
The schedule has Aaron flying to Phoenix, Arizona. Around 1:30 I get out of a movie and see that I have missed 3 calls while I was in the movie. (I don't even recall which movie it was at the moment.) One of the missed calls was Aaron. I figure that he's calling to let us know what his flight back home schedule will be and arrange to get picked up from the airport. I call him back...
"Hello O traveller to galaxies far far away! How goes the tour?"

"Not so good at the moment. I'm guessing you didn't get my voice mail." (Aaron sounds strange, quiet and tired.)

I check and there is no voice mail showing. "Nope, it hasn't come through yet. What's up?"

"I don't want you to freak out or panic or anything but I'm in the hospital. I seem to have had a heart attack."

Now you know that anytime you get a call or message that starts out "I don't want you to freak out or panic" your life has just become interesting in the Chinese proverbial sense.

By Sunday evening Aaron was in ICU with tests scheduled for Monday morning to determine how things would need to proceed.

Monday, March 30
Aaron goes through a whole battery of tests to determine what exactly is going on and what needs to be done. But the results will have to wait for the next day.

Tuesday, March 31
Aaron is told he will need bypass surgery. Aaron asks if he can be brought home for it. The doctors say they will check but aren't inclined to delay anything. They schedule his surgery for Thursday.

Wednesday, April 1
We go see Aaron during the late visitation period. He's cheerful but his color isn't good and he looks very tired. We finally learn when he started feeling poorly. I asked him if he ever had any of the classic heart attack symptoms and he tells us he didn't. He said he thought it was all just exhaustion and digestive upset due to the hectic travel. I ask the nurse if there is a way we can give blood in Aaron's name and get him some credit for the blood that he may need during his surgery.

Thursday, April 2nd
Aaron is taken in early for what he thought would likely be a single or perhaps double bypass. It turns out to be a quadruple bypass and there are some complications. The doctors and nurses are very concerned as he puts them through a real rollercoaster of a day. We spend a lot of time in the waiting room holding hands and hugging each other.
Fairly late in the day we get by the blood center and give blood for Aaron.
When we call and speak to Rose after we've given blood things are still touch and go.

Friday, April 3rd
Aaron has had a good night. He is beginning to show a little color on his nose and forehead. The doctors and nurses are finding encouraging smiles and thumbs up to give us. But the timeline is still extended for his release.

Saturday, April 4th
Another good night. Aaron is getting color back in his arms and legs. He's showing response to questions.

Sunday, April 5th
It's been a week. Aaron is still in ICU. His mom reports that she was talking to him about his whiney cat Loki missing him and he smiled.

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