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mirreth in allston_info

Dr's appointments, Cardiac Rehab, and discounts

  I think everyone has experienced the "hurry up and wait" syndrome.  Well this week trying to coordinate multiple doctors appointments, test appointments, and evaluation/introduction appointments, with work I've wound up feeling like I was caught in one of those endless telescoping corridors from nightmares where you run and run and can't get to the end.  I'm so glad it's Saturday!  

  Last week Aaron had to go get blood drawn for a fresh blood panel for his GP.  This week he had an appointment with his GP on Tuesday morning.  Then the evaluation and first session for his cardiac rehab program was on Friday at 1pm.  Thanks to everyones generosity we were able to pay for all 16 of Aaron's rehab sessions in advance from the AADF and that got us a 15% discount!  
  Cardiac rehab is like the closest monitored gym you can imagine.  They have nurses, a physical therapist, and lots of monitoring equipment.  I sat there watching Aaron work out and felt guilty about that unused gym membership of mine.

  I apologize for how long it's been since any of us have posted.  I know all of us have been intending to but we seem to have misplaced our "around to it".  I promise I'll see if I can help Aaron find his. :-)

  Thank you all so much for all the kindness and support.  It means the world to Aaron and all of us who love him.



Been thru all this myself. Heart failure plus a double valve repair a few years ago. Please do all your doctors ask of you.
Recovery is always a roller coaster of doctor visits and watchful caretakers. It can make you numb to the rest of life sometimes. That is such good news about the rehab visits! Rehab therapists are like guardian angels, as far as I am concerned. They helped us through so much, so many times... I hope Aaron is able to keep up the regimen on his "off" days, and after the course of rehab visits is done. It's hard, but you have to take it a day at a time.

{{{hugs to all}}}

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear things are, well, if not going "well", at least "going". :) Keep it up, Aaron!
aaron allston, allston

July 2009

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