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mirreth in allston_info

Take the stairs!

    We have a lot of stairs between the lower floor and the upper floor of our house.  But yesterday and today Aaron conquered them!
This weekend is the NFL draft.  And as happens at our house and other homes around the country, fans gather to glue themselves to the TV in anticipation of the annual harvesting of wannabe future football heroes.  So the fellows gathered around the TV in the game room.  We grilled hamburgers and turkey burgers and waited impatiently for our team to make their choice.  After hours and hours they traded their much anticipated choice, proving that Murphy's Law has some application even in regards to the draft.

   Aaron's spending some time in his office going through his email.  He gets prodigous amounts and hasn't been able to check it regularly since this started.

  It is wonderful to have Aaron home.  And seeing his progress every day is very encouraging.  His strength is getting better every day and he said that he would post here in the next day or two!


Take that, stairs! *victory dance*
This is GREAT news! I'm very happy for him and all the people close to him.

My father had several cardiac issues, and I know his positive attitude was a big factor in his recovery, and it sounds like Aaron has a great attitude that will help him bounce back from this.

If I had understood the warning that those particular stairs were giving me, I might have gotten my quadruple bypass much earlier than I eventually did.
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July 2009

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