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bquinlan in allston_info

Escape from Captivity

Aaron was released from the hospital early this afternoon. His doctors do not want him to leave the area yet, so he will spend a week staying with a friend in the Dallas area. valkyrie_kitten is now up there to keep an eye on him.

Next week Aaron has appointments to see several of his doctors as an outpatient for follow-up exams. If all goes well they will clear him for the trip back to Austin.


Well, it looks like Aaron needed a shorter hospital stay than I did when I got my quadruple bypass, but then again, I ended up needing a bunch of physical therapy. Plus that was almost half a decade ago, which makes us a bit deeper into the 21st Century now.
Yay! That's great news!! I take it you guys were able to track down a recliner?
We put out a call for help to the 501st and they really came through!

The next day they put us in touch with a Dallas area 501st member who had just what we needed and was happy to help. He delivered the recliner and helped me move it into the spare room where Aaron is now staying.

Thank you, SithPig!
Good, good news!
That is awesome news! *throws confetti*
~much relief~

good news! tell aaron hello and we're still praying for him!

Yay! Sleep lots and scritch the doggies.
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July 2009

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