Dr's appointments, Cardiac Rehab, and discounts

  I think everyone has experienced the "hurry up and wait" syndrome.  Well this week trying to coordinate multiple doctors appointments, test appointments, and evaluation/introduction appointments, with work I've wound up feeling like I was caught in one of those endless telescoping corridors from nightmares where you run and run and can't get to the end.  I'm so glad it's Saturday!  

  Last week Aaron had to go get blood drawn for a fresh blood panel for his GP.  This week he had an appointment with his GP on Tuesday morning.  Then the evaluation and first session for his cardiac rehab program was on Friday at 1pm.  Thanks to everyones generosity we were able to pay for all 16 of Aaron's rehab sessions in advance from the AADF and that got us a 15% discount!  
  Cardiac rehab is like the closest monitored gym you can imagine.  They have nurses, a physical therapist, and lots of monitoring equipment.  I sat there watching Aaron work out and felt guilty about that unused gym membership of mine.

  I apologize for how long it's been since any of us have posted.  I know all of us have been intending to but we seem to have misplaced our "around to it".  I promise I'll see if I can help Aaron find his. :-)

  Thank you all so much for all the kindness and support.  It means the world to Aaron and all of us who love him.


Finally Up and Corresponding

     Howdy, everybody.
     This is the first time I've had to post to this blog — the last couple of weeks, since my release from the hospital, have been a whirlwind of follow-up doctors' appointments, drug regimens, meal regimens, catching up on crucial bill-paying, and so on. But now I'm starting to have some breathing room — and enough energy to spend some time each day in front of the computer.
     In the next day or so, I'll be posting a lengthy account of my heart attack, surgery, and recovery on my LJ, at http://aaron-allston.livejournal.com/. I won't repeat it in full here. Suffice it to say that I had a heart attack, I had quadruple bypass surgery, I almost died two or three times, and I've been given a second chance.
     I intend to squander that second chance writing fun things for people to read and thanking those of you who venture within earshot. Your posts, cards, and Donation Fund contributions have meant a lot to my morale and have sometimes left me slack-jawed. They have meant a lot to me, guys — I can't thank you enough.
     My recovery has been pretty rapid, and those of you who are convention-goers can look forward to (or dread) seeing me in person at San Diego Comic-Con and Dragon*Con this year. Stop by any of my signings or panels and give me the opportunity to thank you in person.
     More soon...


Take the stairs!

    We have a lot of stairs between the lower floor and the upper floor of our house.  But yesterday and today Aaron conquered them!
This weekend is the NFL draft.  And as happens at our house and other homes around the country, fans gather to glue themselves to the TV in anticipation of the annual harvesting of wannabe future football heroes.  So the fellows gathered around the TV in the game room.  We grilled hamburgers and turkey burgers and waited impatiently for our team to make their choice.  After hours and hours they traded their much anticipated choice, proving that Murphy's Law has some application even in regards to the draft.

   Aaron's spending some time in his office going through his email.  He gets prodigous amounts and hasn't been able to check it regularly since this started.

  It is wonderful to have Aaron home.  And seeing his progress every day is very encouraging.  His strength is getting better every day and he said that he would post here in the next day or two!
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Return to Austin

This afternoon I drove up to Dallas in a rented van and brought Aaron (and Rox and Willow) back to Austin this evening. He handled the trip well, although he'd already had a long day. Tonight he will sleep at home for the first time in a month.

Rehab is going to be a long, difficult, and expensive process, but Aaron has made amazing progress to get this far. A critical part of that has been the amazing help and support he has received from a whole lot of people. Thank you!

And now the next phase begins...

Outpatient Update: Part Deux

Turns out it was one appointment today and two more tomorrow, but at least I got the number right.

This morning Aaron's cardio-thoracic surgeon examined him and signed off on sending him home. Since this is the doctor who was in overall charge of his care in the hospital that is definitely encouraging.

If the two doctors Aaron is seeing on Thursday give him clearance we will probably bring him home on Friday. fingers crossed

Outpatient Update

Aaron had his first outpatient appointment yesterday. His pulmonologist gave him a passing grade. Today he will see two other doctors and one more on Thursday. If everyone gives him a thumbs up we hope to get him back to Austin.
Happy Willow

he's torturing me!!!!

Well, Yesterday I realized that I was feeling a lot better about Aaron. We sat up watching a Uwe Boll marathon on the Sci Fi channel. (Blood Rayne 1 and 2, and something about marines shooting at things...) So I know the emperor's evil soul is still intact to draw me to the dark side!

Aaron has been up and wandering around, eating well, and delivering horrible (or good, depending on your view) puns. So things look good here.
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Escape from Captivity

Aaron was released from the hospital early this afternoon. His doctors do not want him to leave the area yet, so he will spend a week staying with a friend in the Dallas area. valkyrie_kitten is now up there to keep an eye on him.

Next week Aaron has appointments to see several of his doctors as an outpatient for follow-up exams. If all goes well they will clear him for the trip back to Austin.